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Project 2014 - Workshop

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The first public workshop organised by the SNIFFER Consortium took place at ESIEE premises in Noisy-le-Grand, Paris, France on April 7th and 8th, 2014. This public event gathered around 50 participants including SNIFFER partners (40% of total participation) and external participants being mainly end-users (40%). Although end-user focused, the event also included the participation of European institutions (REA, DG TAXUD, FRONTEX), other FP7 Security Projects (DOGGIES, SNIFFLES) as well as the industrial world (17%).

The event programme included key note speeches from end-users working in the field (dog handlers, airport security,…), research (SNIFFER developments, but also other FP7-SECURITY projects of the same call as SNIFFER) as well as European institutions (regulating and policies, research projects and funding). A poster session also allowed each willing presenter to further explain its work and field of expertise related to border security applications. Finally, a panel discussion with the intentional provocative topic of “Are we close to replacing sniffer dogs?” ended the event.

At the beginning of this third year of the project, the public workshop officially presented SNIFFER first results on version V1 of the developed prototype. It gathered different experts of the field and solicited their expertise and contribution for an improved V2 of the SNIFFER device. Besides providing visibility to the SNIFFER project towards the outside world and the general public, the event permitted to create synergies and interaction to be further leveraged and developed until project end, and especially in view of the final project public event. All workshop participants are invited to keep interacting through the LinkedIn SNIFFER group until meeting again in the spring of 2015.

Indeed, the project final event is scheduled early 2015 following field trials and assessment of the SNIFFER devices. In keeping with the April event, it will gather other willing FP7-SECURITY projects and end-users from various domains (state borders, ports, airports, customs, police, etc.).

Saul Bellow

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